For the Sensitive Dog

Does your dog suffer from allergies? Skin issues such as itching or scratching? Do they bite their paws or shake their ears often? Your dog may have an intolerance to a certain ingredient that can trigger unpleasant reactions. Don't worry - we can help!
Ruby and Vixen
  • Dogs with white fur or pink skin, Purebreds, and specific breeds are known to have certain allergies. We can help you uncover these triggers and discover a solution.
  • If your dog consistently has loose stool or tends to be overly gassy, then it most likely means she has digestive issues or may have a sensitive tummy overall.
  • If your dog tends to shake her ears, bite her paws, or constantly scratch, she very well may be allergic to a certain ingredient or group of ingredients.
Customer Testimonials

"I love the New Zealand Recipe because it's great on my sensitive digestion and easy on my tummy! Plus, my stinky gas has gone away and my mom is very happy. Thanks Nature's Select!" - Dory the Corgi

Dory the Corgi


Typically we will recommend a few options for our sensitive dog customers. Check them out below!

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