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With Nature's Select Pet Food, you need not worry about freshness or quality. With us, we will ALWAYS be open and honest about our pet food ingredients. All of our products are made right here in America with extreme attention to detail and lots of love with every batch and every recipe. Why? We truly care about your pet's well being and overall health.

What's inside a bag?

When we set out to create Nature’s Select Pet Food, we did our research, met with top ingredient producers and developed each formula to serve specific purposes — while meeting our own set of high standards. The result? We were able to create our unique base of four essential Nature’s Select Core ingredients. Found in every bag of Nature’s Select pet food, these ingredients come together to provide superior nutrition for your pets to ensure they are healthy inside and out.

Selenium Yeast

Selenium Yeast

As the most researched and proven form of organic selenium yeast available, Sel-Plex is easily absorbed, stored and used in the body, and Sel-Plex selenium yeast offers essential metabolism, cellular regeneration and immune response support. All of our Nature's Select dry pet food formulas contain selenium yeast as the sole source of selenium. Selenium yeast can be absorbed in the pet's bloodstream, and is stored in their cells for use during times of stress or overexertion. Helps to promote healthy pets, reduces risk of cancer, and boosts overall longevity.

Complex Minerals

Complex Minerals

Easily absorbed by the digestive system into the bloodstream, our essential mineral complexes (zinc, manganese and iron) work on the cellular level to promote efficient metabolic function and support a healthy coat and skin, paw pad integrity and a strengthened immune response system. Mineral Complexes also support wound healing, cell division and synthesis functions — all necessary for skeletal growth, joint cartilage health and reproductive system integrity.


Prebiotics & Probiotics

Our Nature’s Select blend of powerful prebiotics (labeled as Hydrolyzed Yeast) promotes a healthy digestive system and works in concert with other nutrients to support immune defense systems. Made from the rich outer layer of the yeast cell, pathogenic bacteria act as prebiotics that naturally attract and attach to the unique shape of yeast fractions floating in the digestive system. They are then harmlessly flushed through and out. Probiotics, rich in beneficial metabolites that directly feed good digestive bacteria, probiotics support a healthy digestion as well as a strong immune system, both of which are vital for good health and longevity.

Made in USA

Made in USA

We have produced pet food in our manufacturing facility since 2007. Our plant is strategically located in East Texas, so we are able to source many of our key ingredients from farms and ranches within a few hundred miles of our home base. Sourcing nearby resources and producing our own food helps us to create quality pet food.

Industry Expertise

Our Quality and Nutrition departments are led by industry experts backed by years of experience and certifications. Our head nutritionist holds a Professional Animal Scientist certification in Companion Animal from the American Registry of Professional Animal Sciences (ARPAS). We also work with third-party nutritionists to validate our work, consult with us on research, and engage in open discussions about how to make sure our products continue to meet our high standards, Our pet food is made safe and is made right here in the United States of America.

Guaranteed Quality

Our products are quality tested in multiple stages of the manufacturing process to confirm the delivery of high nutritional value guaranteed on every bag. Our facility is certified through the SQF Program – a rigorous and credible food safety program that is recognized by retailers and the Global Food Safety Initiative. Food safety is our priority. Our ingredients are tested both internally and externally to ensure they meet our high standards of quality. We also extensively test our finished products to ensure the health and safety of the pets eating our products.

No Recalls Since 1994

Here at Nature’s Select Pet Food, we are proud that since our company's beginning back in 1994, we have been recall-free. For those that do their due diligence & research surrounding pet food companies and big brands, it is common knowledge that some of the biggest pet food companies that spend millions of dollars across America have had multiple recalls in their history. With us, you do not need to worry about our pet food being recalled thanks to our high safety & quality measures we take every single day. Your bag of pet food will be the freshest and highest quality upon delivery.

Pets Love Our Recipes

Dogs can't seem to get enough of our tasty Nature's Select recipes. We have something for everyone, regardless of your pet's needs. Select from a range of protein options that will surely satisfy whatever your pet is craving. Highly palpable, easily digestible, and quickly devoured by dogs all across America.